Miguel Angarita


Miguel Angarita
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17 Oct, 2012


Im a Radiologist and serial entrepreneur located in Colombia.

I was the Co-Founder and CEO of Perfect Plasma, a HIT innovation company based in Bogotá, Colombia, and SONOMAC a new Innovation Center for Cloud-Ultrasound Concierge Medicine.

You can find features about me on Tech republic and Intel Developer Forum, among others for mobile health apps.

My interest include multiplatform (MAC OSX and LINUX) software for Telemedicine, Cloud medicine Teleradiology based on Particitipative medicine principals to improve patient empowerment outdoors and globally.

My reward was been my brainstorming in developing new tools for getting into the chasm healthcare tools into the cloud (A.K.A. Cloud Medicine).


Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Academic
  • Administrator (CEO, COO, President, Executive)



Work Location(s)

  • Colombia


  • English
  • Spanish