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Omar Sued
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25 Sep, 2012


I earned my MD in 1995 in Argentina and got my board in Infectious Diseases in 2000. As a Fellow in Clinical Research at Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, from 2002 to 2006 I was trained in the design and development of HIV clinical studies. I used this experience in my job as clinical coordinator of international trials in Spain in 2004-2005, and as clinical investigator in Argentina from 2006 to 2009 at Fundación Huésped. During those years I carried out several pharmacological studies, I designed The National Acute HIV cohort, that currently has enrolled more than 200 patients from 5 cities in Argentina and organized the TB-HIV clinic at Hospital Fernandez that has enrolled more than 120 patients receiving TB and HIV treatment. In 2009 I left Fundación Huésped to join the PAHO (Regional WHO Office for the Americas) as the Regional Advisor for HIV treatment for Latin America and the Caribbean, where I supported LAC countries in the formulation of strategic plans. I participated in the formulation of 18 national guidelines and 3 national evaluation exercises. In addition, I coordinated a multi-country HHS-OGA grant focused in training in HIV for Central America and applied for a 2.5M grant focused on the Inequities in HIV care for Central America which was recently awarded. Early in 2012, I decided to return to Fundación Huésped to coordinate the Clinical Research Area.
Currently. As Director of Clinical Research at Fundación Huésped I oversee all active clinical protocols, explore future opportunities and design new protocols.

I am part of the Executive Committee of the Argentinean Society of Infectious Diseases, and vocal for the Executive Committee of SAISIDA (Sociedad Interdisciplinaria de Sida). Member of Gesida, IAS and EACS. Academic Editor for PlosOne and reviewer of different Infectious Diseases and HIV Journals.

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  • Administrator (CEO, COO, President, Executive)
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  • Fundacion Huesped

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  • Argentina


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