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Reply to [ARCHIVED] Clinically Integrated Supply Chains

Oct. 16, 2015
Thanks to GHDonline for the invitation to participate to this pertinent topic discussion. Fruitful comments will certainly emerge from our group.

Digital cards and biometrics for accessing medical record data

Dec. 8, 2014
Idea submitted by: Patrick Jouissance In many primary care facilities within developing countries, one of the greatest challenges that are being faced by the health care system is the reliability of the medical archives. Having readily access to medical records can be very problematic. This situation certainly has a deleterious ...
EMRs Population Health Management

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Managing Health Care Delivery: Your expertise

Sept. 13, 2013
Hello everyone, First of all I want to thank you very much Rebecca for the opportunity to be part of this panel on the management of health care delivery at the global level. My name is Patrick Jouissance and I am currently serving as the associate director of the family ...

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