Paul Klatser


Paul Klatser
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13 Mar, 2012


Paul R. Klatser, PhD, is head of the department KIT Biomedical Research with more than 45 professionals. He has fully-devolved responsibility for the strategy and management of the department including instituting and overseeing appropriate mechanisms to ensure research excellence, teaching quality, financial viability, health, environment and safety issues, quality management and effective staff management. His department is home to the WHO/OIE/FAO International Leptospirosis Reference Laboratory, which is CCKL (ISO15189) accredited. He is member of the Management Team of KIT.

He is a Strategic Professor in Development and Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests in Developing Countries at the University of |Amsterdam and Professor Extraordinary in Biomedical Research for Development at the Free University in Amsterdam.

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Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Researcher


  • Royal Tropical Institute - KIT

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  • Netherlands