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Reply to Infection Control Tools

July 17, 2009
Dear Moses, Thanks for your question! This is a topic that has been addressed here in the TB Infection Control community, and I'm happy to share links to some of these resources. Also, try using the Search box at the top right corner to find even more information from the ...

Reply to Comprehensive Pediatric HIV Retention Programs?

July 14, 2009
Hi everyone, This article, published today in BMC Pediatrics, investigates obstacles to and facilitators of adherence to ART in a pediatric population in Malawi: (open source) ABSTRACT Background Ensuring good adherence is critical to the success of anti-retroviral treatment (ART). However, in resource-poor contexts, where paediatric HIV burden is ...

Reply to Competencies for TB/HIV

May 7, 2009
Hello Moses, Thanks for your question about a list of competencies for health care workers in TB and TB/HIV. Do any community members know of such a list? I hope the following resource is helpful: - Partners in Health MDR-TB Curriculum: This set of interactive training materials was created ...


May 6, 2009
Dear Members, Chinedu Oraka ( asked the following question in the TB Infection Control Community: Could you please update me on the latest on the immunodiagnosis of tuberculosis for the diagnosis and management?
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Reply to TB and lung diseases in miners

April 29, 2009
Thank you Paula for sharing the following resources! - ARASA Report on Mines, Migrant Labour and Tuberculosis (2008): - ARASA Presentation on The Mining Sector, TB and Southern Africa: - Letter from experts to SA govt calling for action on TB in the mining sector: Also, please ...

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