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12 Dec, 2011


An energetic and enthusiastic professional who is a qualified Medical Laboratory Scientists with a General Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences from the Zimbabwe Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences. With additional courses in tuberculosis management, HIV, infection control and building and design and engineering approaches to airborne infection control. I am proactive and versatile scientist with the ability to perform and evaluate multiple diagnostic procedures, management and mentoring, and moreover, a perspective and supportive communicator who can be adaptable to multicultural and multi functional environments. Computer literate with knowledge of MS Word, Power Point, Excel and Internet
General Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences with: Zimbabwe Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences (ZMLS) 1998 – 2000: Certificate No: MLS 045, Certificate Registration No: MLSc 144791, Associate Certificate No: 20/08/A43. Academic Transcript: 2.2 and its National Deed registration No: MA 3377/90
Certificate In Introduction To Good Clinical Laboratory Practice: Score 90% and Certificate No: 162948
Certificate on Han Life Science Level1 got CEUs points 10 certificate no: 12/03/59
Certificate of Attendance for participation and successfully completing a training course in Drug Susceptibility Training Course using DST 1st and 2nd line mycobacterium Growth Indicator Tube (MGIT), Biosafety and Laboratory Infection Control and Laboratory Accreditation with Uganda Supranational Reference Laboratory (November 2014 to December 2014)
Certificate in Strategic Planning & Innovation: awarded 30 European CME Continuing Medical Education Units with International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (July 2014)
Stellenbosch University Faculty of Health Sciences Unit for Infection Prevention and Control Cape Town South Africa 2012: Certificate in Fundamentals of Infection Prevention and Control awarded NQF Level 7 Credits 60 course: Identification and transmission of pathogens, Risk assessment and safe practices in, infection prevention and control, Rendering patient and processing equipment safe, Applying information to infection prevention and control and Improving hospital design and environment.
Harvard School of Public Health Center for Continuing Professional Education (2011) Certificate in Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control awarded 7.8 continuing education units (CEU)
Biomedical Research & Training Institute (BRTI) (July 2010) Certificate in Laboratory Diagnosis of TB, HIV and other OIs: Interpretation, Diagnosis and Quality Control Certificate no:EDO18/10
Budget Planning and Project Management for TB Control with International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Bangkok Thailand (2007) Strategic planning and budget preparation and control, forecasting and planning, administration of the budget, different types of costs, preparation of capital expenditure budgets, calculation of indirect costs (overhead) preparation of financial reports and budget presentations and communication.
Human Resources Development and Management for TB Control with International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Bangkok Thailand (2007): Certificate in building and retaining a skilled, stable workforce. Tools to assess the current status of the organization and improve their human resource management practices, helps managers incorporate activities that support human resource into their fundamental processes, workforce planning and staffing, organization development and performance evaluation and management.
Foundation of Development Program, Business School Economics and Business Studies Faculty South Africa (2011) Certificate in Health Management Programme (HMP): Managing the Organization: Introduction to Operations Management knowledge and change management, Introduction to Project Management, Introduction to Human Resource Management, Self-management, Strength in Teamwork, Diversity & Relationship Management, Introduction to Markets and Marketing Customer Service, Introduction to Financial Management, and Self – Management and Presenting Yourself.
Pitman Secretarial Course with Bulawayo Secretarial College: (1982) Elementary and Intermediate Typewriting: A pass examination connotes a copying speed of 25 words per minute. Intermediate Typewriting; A pass connotes a copying speed of 35 words per minute. Shorthand
Computer Literatence:
Polytechnic College Bulawayo Zimbabwe International computer license drive course. Pass Commercial Skills Assessment Word MS, Excel, Power Point and Internet (2012)
World Health Organization: Award (1997)
As best junior medical laboratory scientist worker for the Bulawayo Group of Laboratories for the diagnosis of meningitis
Working Experience:
Bulawayo Group of Laboratories (1985 -1997): Diagnosis, interpretation of results, reagent preparation and quality control in the department of pathology laboratories.
Present and Current Working Experience
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Junior Medical Laboratory Scientist: (2000 - August 2004)
Duties:TB smear microscopy diagnosis, interpretation and quality control, including TB culture test, drug sensitivity test, interpretation of results, diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation and reagent preparation, external quality assurance and quality control.
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory:
Acting Chief Medical Laboratory Scientist: (September 2004 - June 2007) Ensure a high level of skills and knowledge is applied and carried out in routine tuberculosis diagnosis, interpretation of results, monitoring and evaluation and external quality control, quality control for TB smear microscopy, culture and drug sensitivity for the entire National TB Program (NTP) and coordinating the TB smear microscopy laboratory network.
Planning, budget preparation, control and, administration of the budget, preparation of financial reports and budget presentations and communication that included monitoring and evaluating the NTP TB smear microscopy laboratory network. Human Resources Development: building and retaining a skilled, stable workforce for the NTP TB smear laboratory network. Improvement of human resource practices for TB smear microscopy, HIV and malaria by incorporating activities that supported human resource strengthening and training of microsopists for the Aids and TB programme TB smear laboratory networking and its fundamental processes, workforce planning and staffing.
Organizational development:
Performance evaluation and management, produced standard operating procedures and data capture materials for the NTP TB smear microscopy laboratory network and TB culture and drug susceptibility registers. Developed a national laboratory human resource strengthening programme by creating, organizing and providing appropriate curriculum, statutory instrument for the training of microscopists that provide TB smear microscopy, HIV and malaria tests in pro-poor and remote settings and also coordinating the program for the Ministry of Health and Child Care and Aids and TB program and other various stakeholders. I have be working with other stakeholders internal and external partners (donors) and its stakeholders. (e.g. working with donor IUATLD, CDC and WHO) Consultancy and procurement of NTP TB smear microscopy laboratory network reagents, consumables, equipment, building and design of TB smear microscopy laboratories, and the maintenance of the equipment such as biosafety cabinets and microscopes.
Distribution of TB smear microscopy reagents, consumables and equipment and to ensure high level of skills and knowledge is carried out in routine diagnosis of tuberculosis, supervise and conduct external quality assurance and quality control in the entire NTP TB smear microscopy laboratory network and make sure they have adequate resources and human resource to perform the work. (e.g. reagents, consumable and equipment and has a good working environment). Organize and carryout external quality assurance and quality control for the NTP TB smear microscopy laboratory network. Develop and carry out operational research and implement a surveillance of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance.
Title: Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist (August 2012 to current)
Job Description (Supervisor) Part of management of the National TB Reference Laboratory for the implementation and carrying out of TB smear test using the microscopy, gene xpert, TB culture, drug susceptibility test using solid and liquid culture line probe assay, research for the surveillance of drug susceptibility, TB risk assessment, TB infection prevention and control, external quality assurance, including monitoring and evaluation of the NTP Programme and the TB Smear Laboratory Network and continuous training on NTP and TB laboratory policy.
Main Tasks
1. Case finding by sputum smear microscopy and the delivery of effective early diagnosis of patients.
2. Overall responsibilities for setting national tuberculosis control laboratory standards and overseeing the implementation of the laboratory policy and the national TB programme policy.
3. Training, supervision and proficiency testing of sputum smear microscopy throughout the NTP programme.
4.Implementation of the National TB Control Program policies by providing diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of the curative services for tuberculosis control services and collate and record the essential information for the evaluation of the program performance, surveillance and planning for supplies by high level of skills and performance and high quality standards in carrying out routine TB smear microscopy diagnosis, quality control and the training of laboratory personnel for basic level of laboratory microscopic examination of sputum specimens for acid-fast bacilli with Ziehl Neilson method, auramine method and the gene xpert. Provision and support of peripheral and immediate microscopy centres by providing standardized operating procedures, preparation and distribution of reagentsreagents, and consumable (e.g. slides, sputum containers), equipment and other materials required by the peripheral and intermediate laboratories to carry out its task without interruption. Quarterly supervisory visits to review activities and the problems encountered and provide feedback on results of external quality assurance program and discuss other technical challenges.. External Quality Assurance by continuously improving the reliability and efficiency of the TB smear microscopy laboratory services by including the three components of external quality assessment, quality control, blinded rechecking and onsite evaluation.
Carry out trainings of laboratory scientist, technicians’ microscopists and other laboratory personnel and health care workers on tuberculosis infection prevention and control, diagnosis, treatment and care.
Carry out tuberculosis culture and drug susceptibility tests and the molecular testing (use of Gene Xpect and the Bact MGIT960) including the Line Probe ASSAY (LPA).
Implementing and teaching basic concepts of infection control, bio-safety practices by explain the purpose of TB infection prevention and control. Encourage staff to reflect on current teamwork and TB infection control practices and enable those responsible for implementing effective infection control to work together to apply theory into practice. Optimize TB prevention, control and treatment and to increase quality of patient care by promoting teamwork in TB control and care. To access local managerial, administrative, environmental and personal infection control strategies. Identify the occupational risk of TB infection in healthcare workers and relate to control strategies in their own work settings.
I have worked with the International Union Against tuberculosis and Lung Disease under the supervision of Dr Armand van Deun in setting up the NTP TB smear laboratory network of Zimbabwe and introduced the microscopist training programme and its statutory instrument and curriculum, this included the TB smear laboratory manuals and setting up of the external quality assurance programme.(2005 to 2007). I have worked with Christopher M. Gilpin conducting and distribution of panel test slide for the entire NTP TB smear microscopy programme. (2005 to 2007) I have worked with CDC in procument of TB smear microscopy reagents, equipment, consumable and maintainance of biosafety cabinets and these were distributed in the entire NTP TB smear microscopy net work. (2005 to June 2007). I have been one of the seven hospital health management board members of Ingutsheni Central Hospital (2012 to 2014) and one of the seven Stop TB Partnership administrators on the and a member of the global health delivery for Harvard School of Public Health for Continuing in Education, and a member of the Union’s International Management Development Programmes for Tuberculosis Control. I am currently (August 2015 to August 2016) participating and conducting the Zimbabwe Tuberculosis – Drug Resistant survey in training health care workers in the policy protocol of the survey, implementation, specimen collection, transportation and logistics of the survey such as transportation of specimens containers and specimens, training materials specimen collecting tools and monitoring of the programme.
Affiliated to: Community Based Early TB Diagnosis Initiative and Consultancy (2009 - current): (this is my brain child organization) Integrating TB into HIV by providing information and assisting those affected with HIV to get early diagnosis and treatment as they know and understand the disease. I coordinate advocacy, communication and social mobilization for tuberculosis (TB) control services/ integrating tuberculosis into HIV: empowering the community, community leaders, tuberculosis (TB) patients, people living with HIV, people affected with tuberculosis by providing awareness campaigns and education to reduce stigma associated with tuberculosis, transmission, prevention, treatment and care. Advocate for better tuberculosis prevention and control, diagnosis, patient care, treatment and improve supportive communication with health care providers/health workers and stakeholders on the knowledge and awareness of the importance of tuberculosis (TB) infection control. I produce educational tuberculosis materials pamphlets and posters I have produce pamphlets on what is tuberculosis, transmission and prevention in our 6 local languages.Computer literate: with the knowledge of MS Word, Power Point, Excel and Internet.
Registration: with Institute of Zimbabwe Medical Laboratory Scientist and Clinical Council.
Associate: Institute of Zimbabwe Medical Laboratory Sciences
Publications: 75 publications on these journals: WHO Stop TB News, Stop TB Partnership, global health delivery online for Harvard School of Public Health.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Laboratory Professional


  • National TB Reference Laboratory, Zimbabwe

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  • Zimbabwe

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  • Other vulnerable populations


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