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Surgical volunteer in Johannesburg

May 20, 2017
Hello, My name is Ross Blagg. I'm a plastic surgeon. I'll be in Johannesburg in July for a few days and am just reaching out to see if there are any volunteer surgical/wound care initiatives going on at the time that I could help with. Thanks!
global surgery johannesburg plastic surgery South Africa Surgical Workforce wound care

Reply to Reconstructive surgery in Cameroon

June 2, 2014
Thanks, I will check that out.

Reconstructive surgery in Cameroon

May 31, 2014
I had a man contact me from Cameroon looking for assistance with a burn injury he sustained when he was younger. He is going to try and e-mail me some pictures. Does anyone know of a clinic in Cameroon/planned surgical mission where he could be evaluated? Thanks, Ross
africa Burns cameroon plastic surgery reconstructive surgery

Reply to Health IT to support medical mission trips

May 11, 2013
Having an app that could be continuous is such a great idea. On previous trips to Haiti there are written records but these are sometimes lost or get ruined. An electronic record that could be viewed before the trip starts to appropriately plan (especially for procedures and supply needs) would ...

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