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Scott Kellerman, MD, MPH, has more than 20 years of experience working in national and international public health with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and infectious disease research, policy and programming. Currently, Dr. Kellerman serves as clinical advisor to the Partnership for Supply Chain Management. Prior, as the Global Technical Lead for HIV/AIDS at Management Sciences for Health, he provided technical expertise around HIV prevention, care and treatment for the Organization’s portfolio of HIV care, treatment and prevention programming in South Africa, Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda and elsewhere; pediatric HIV care and treatment activities (including OVC) in Malawi, South Africa and Nigeria; and programming around most at risk populations in the West, Central and Southern Africa regions. Before joining MSH, Dr. Kellerman served as a Senior Associate with the Population Council, building a research portfolio around increasing HIV testing for children in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, on issues related to HIV risk among men who have sex with men, injection drug users and other MARPS in several African countries and on the Carraguard vaginal microbicide. Prior to that, he served as the Assistant Commissioner of Health at the HIV/AIDS Bureau of Prevention and Control for the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, overseeing 200 staff and a budget of 200 million dollars encompassing all aspects of HIV prevention, care and treatment for New York City. He was formerly with the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the CDC initially working on domestic HIV policy and program issues followed by work with the Global AIDS Program in Tanzania. In addition, Dr. Kellerman has been a consultant for several International HIV/AIDS Programs, providing technical expertise to non-governmental organizations on HIV/AIDS programming, as well as staff training and infrastructure development in resource-limited settings in India and Botswana. Some of Dr. Kellerman’s accomplishments include expanding the free condom distribution program in NYC more than tenfold (equating to nearly 30 million free condoms distributed during the last fiscal year), and development of the “New York City” condom, the first branded condom that has served as a backbone for prevention efforts in the city; expanding HIV testing initiatives in NYC; documenting the existence of significant foci of male sex work in Nigeria and South Africa; and developing new and innovative approaches to expanding HIV testing for children in resource limited settings. Dr. Kellerman is a skilled manager and project director. He has over 60 peer reviewed publications dealing with HIV and other communicable diseases.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Medical Officer, Director


  • Management Sciences for Health - MSH

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  • United States

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  • Children
  • LGBT
  • Other vulnerable populations