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Sheila Davis
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05 Aug, 2009


Sheila Davis , DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN is the Chief Nursing Officer at Partners In Health, an international non-governmental organization working in 10 countries globally. She led PIH's Ebola response efforts in Liberia and Sierra Leone starting September of 2014 and continues to oversee West Africa efforts in both countries . She is an adult nurse practitioner, specializing in HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases, and had n active clinical practice at the Massachusetts General Hospital Infectious Diseases outpatient clinic from 1997-2015.

Dr. Davis was the co-founder Sibusiso, a Boston based NGO working in South Africa and the Boston area and has worked in the area of domestic HIV/AIDS since 1987 and global HIV/AIDS since 1999. She has an interest in human rights, social justice, global nursing and was one of the first 20 national Carl Wilkens Fellows from the Genocide Intervention Network in 2009 and had a one year fellowship in human rights, genocide prevention, and justice issues. She currently sits on the editorial board for the Health and Human Rights:An International Journal's and the Journal of Nursing Education. Dr. Davis was named as a Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow for 2012.


Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Director (Site, Program, Project)
  • Nurse


  • Massachusetts General Hospital - MGH
  • Partners In Health - PIH

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  • United States


  • English