Susan Wood, PNP-BC, MPH, IBCLC


Susan Wood, PNP-BC, MPH, IBCLC
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I have been a PNP since graduating in 1981 from the Yale School of Nursing. My first job was on the Thai-Cambodian border where I was a member of the Cornell Medical Team. We ran an Emergency Room which was a training center not only for US RNs & MDs/Medical Students, but also for Cambodian nurses and PAs. While there, I wrote a grant and obtained funding to study Cambodian Child Rearing Attitudes and Practices. The resulting monograph was widely disseminated to resettlement agencies here in the US, and helped increase our understanding of Cambodian families. Upon my return to the US a year later, I worked as a Public Health Nurse in Providence, RI, which had the largest community of S.E. Asian refugees in the US at the time. I was responsible for the postpartum visits of all maternal-newborn Cambodian, Laotian and Hmong families - a rich cultural experience! I also practiced as a PNP at an HMO, which allowed me to develop and follow a caseload of S.E Asian families. In 1984, I entered the Harvard School of Public Health on a Nursing stipend, and received my MPH in Maternal Child Health in 1985. Upon graduation, I became a Fellow in Child Development at Children's Hospital. Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Chief of the Child Development Unit, had a great deal of experience in cross cultural child rearing and became my mentor and teacher - a relationship which continues to this day. Since completing the Fellowship, I practiced as a PNP at The Martha Eliot Health Center in Jamaica Plain - a clinic run by Children's, serving mainly a Latino population. The highlights of my clinical practice during the 18 years that I worked at MEHC (in addition to primary care of children and families) included developing and practicing in a newborn discharge program based at the Brigham, increasing lactation rates for the Latino women we served, running an EPI Program (Expanded Program in Immunization) to increase our immunization rates, as well as being part of a clinical team from MEHC to the Dominican Republic. Since leaving MEHC, I worked to develop the Lactation Program at The South Shore Hospital, began the New Mother Support Series there, and taught prenatal breastfeeding classes to expectant parents. I am TEFL/TESL certified which has been extremely helpful in teaching diverse populations of RNs, both domestically as well as internationally. Recently, I spent a month in Cambodia as well as Bhutan teaching nursing, and am now tutoring first year RN students at Quincy College, most of whom are recent immigrants. I have been fortunate to have had various opportunities to practice Global Health Nursing throughout my career, in ways that have changed over the years ( from clinical practice to research to now teaching) . Each experience has provided a venue in which to work with diverse populations as a nurse, and for all that I have learned and continue to learn, I am most grateful!

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