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Reply to Linking experience with practice challenges

June 13, 2014
Yes, I think that processing these things helps all involved. Best of luck to you, Tari

Reply to Grieving in the middle of an epidemic

Jan. 27, 2012
A beautiful and important question--thank you for raising it. Although the landscape has indeed changed, acknowledging and managing grief (my patients', but also my own) remains an active,daily part of my practice. Despite better outcomes with HIV, the loss of the world as they know it and the loss/change of ...

Reply to GHDonline Expert Panel: Sharing Nursing Lessons on Improving ART Adherence in Patients with Complex Needs

April 22, 2011
I have also really enjoyed this discussion and have to agree with the many excellent points. Quite a bit of my current work is with acutely infected patients and indeed, receiving this diagnosis is a traumatic event, regardless of the circumstances. I've always sensed that patient engagement is of utmost ...

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