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Reply to [ARCHIVED] Care Coordination and the Iora Health Model

March 4, 2014
In it's quest to improve health and lower costs for a defined patient community, does the Iora Health model engage with upstream/social determinants of health at the level of the community? (I have the Community Health Centre model in mind while asking this question.) Thanks very much for this discussion!

Reply to Cause of death in the 20th century infographic

March 19, 2013
I notice that much of the data for deaths caused by NCDs comes from the 2001 GBD study. Does anyone know how NCDs that seem non-fatal on their own would be decided upon as a cause of death in GBD 2001 or 2010? I know for example that dementia can ...

Live streaming: Harvard/WHO Governance of Tobacco Conference

Feb. 26, 2013
Hello all, Just wanted to bring to your attention that the Harvard/WHO conference on the international governance of tobacco is being live-streamed online today and tomorrow at this website: Best, Tommy
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Reply to TEDxSF talk by Pat Lee

Nov. 27, 2012
That link wouldn't work for me, but here's another one: Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Tommy Brothers Research Assistant Department of Medicine (Geriatrics / Community Health & Epidemiology) Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia

Canadian Conference on Global Health in Ottawa

Oct. 18, 2012
Hello, I'm new to the group. Is anyone else attending the Canadian Conference on Global Health in Ottawa this week? I'd love to connect and meet some other YPers
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