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Tomas Ricka
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13 Jul, 2012


Although I have finished my Ph.D. last year, I have been teaching since 2003. First as a part time job and nowadays as a full time assistant professor at a business school. With my colleague we established the first Economics analysis of law (Law and Economics) course in the Czech Republic. The course used insights from new institutional economics and Austrian economics.

My current faculty position includes teaching, running projects and research. As a teacher I hold lectures for 20 to 100 students as well as smaller workshops focusing on competency development. After a few years of preparation we have started teaching with the case method from HBS. Currently it is my biggest challenge. While it works very well to engage student, it is very labor intensive to do well. It is also difficult to adopt it into our educational system as the students never had such course before.

I am also running several educational projects reforming the curriculum of the management department. These include establishment of new courses and increased cooperation with business (to bring managers and entrepreneurs to the school and establish co-op opportunities for students). One of these new courses is Microeconomics of Competitiveness (course created by Michael Porter) based on a franchise from the HBS.

Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague(M.A. and Ph.D.)
Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Prague (M.A.)

Working experience
2000 – 2001 Law Offices Helmová & Co., Prague, Legal Trainee
2001 – 2004 Municipal authority in Prague, Head of Legal Department
2004 – 2006 Ministry of Industry and Trade, Legal and Structural Funds support
2006 - 2007 CzechInvest, Coordination of new Operational programme
2007 – University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of management, assistant professor
2007– Wisdoma s.r.o., principal

Fields of interest
Project, program and portfolio management, modern methodologies for project management, Microeconomics of Competitiveness,Case studies

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Academic


  • University of Economics, Prague

Work Location(s)

  • Czech Republic