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Reply to Line Probe Assay

Sept. 6, 2015
Dear Akash Dear Akash can you write exact report what it is mentioned, because some confusion in your queries, some time you say scanty "In LPA Smear is positive and Scanty is 2+." So just write here what exactly mentioned in the report. then we could expect ( In Some ...

Reply to MSc research topic

Aug. 26, 2015
How many months you have project time and what all facilities you have currently

Reply to MDR TB Treatment

July 7, 2015
Dear As per my previous experience Delhi you have very good options. the very first one is as Dr. Vineet said : NIRTD ( previously it is know as LRS TB institute , auto drivers or transporters very well known as KUTUB TB hospital. It is near by Mehroli. another ...

Reply to RIF registant case detected by GeneXpert MTB/RIF found RIF sensitive by MGIT960

June 28, 2015
Dear all, Very good discussion and information were shared by scientist. I like to add , my views 1) If such discrepancies were found between phenotypic and genotypic( Xpert) testing very frequently encountered as per case studies, the very first priority task is to reconduct epidemiological study of mutations by ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Patient Preferences for New TB Diagnostic Tests

May 20, 2015
Dear Dr. Gilipin Many thanks for invitation, I am happy to join in the group.

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