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Vinay Seth Mohta is the Chief Technologist for Global Health Delivery. Prior to Global Health Delivery, Vinay was a founding engineer at Endeca Technologies, a leader in the enterprise search and business intelligence space. His engineering work there encompassed algorithm development for search, faceted navigation, and analytics, design and implementation of large distributed systems, and architecting and deploying large customer projects. His work contributed to several patent-pending inventions. While at Endeca, he also led the product management, marketing, and business development for Endeca's business intelligence offering. Before Endeca, he worked on the MATLAB and Simulink products at The MathWorks.

Vinay is also active in the local entrepreneurial community, helping non-profit and for-profit entrepreneurs initiate and scale up their organizations.

Vinay has an SB in Computer Science from MIT and a Masters in Engineering, also
from MIT.


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