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Medical Parasitologist and Associate Professor at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. Wellington Oyibo was as a Researcher Scholar and worked on riverblindness (onchocerciasis) – a neglected tropical disease at the Division of Geographic Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA. In this initial area of interest, he contributed to the characterization of the blinding and non-blinding forms of onchocerciasis and elucidated the dynamics in the disease prevention/control with ivermectin (donated by Merck inc.) in endemic communities of Nigeria. Wellington’s research in the last ten years has been on malaria diagnostics and vector control. He works closely with the Federal Ministry of Health’s National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP), Implementing Partners, State and Local Governments in capacity building for health workers, quality assurance on parasite-based diagnosis using the established platform created by WHO/TDR, FIND and other partners. Wellington coordinates the International Malaria Microscopy and RDT Quality assurance Center, that has now been re-designated The ANDI Center of Excellence for Malaria Diagnosis.

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  • University of Lagos College of Medicine

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