William Jobin


William Jobin
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08 Feb, 2012


Public health engineer; Work experience in the tropics for over 50 years

Focus on safe water, sanitation, and control of parasitic diseases, primarily malaria and schistosomiasis (prefer to call Snail Fever)

When in the United States, work on water quality of rivers, lakes and harbors

Steers the new African Malaria Coalition which gathers scientists dedicated to the fight against malaria and parasitic diseases on a regular basis (read more here: http://www.ghdonline.org/malaria/discussion/two-malaria-meetings/ - all invited to join)

Authored 2 major technical books:
- Sustainable Management for Dams and Waters, 1998
- Dams and Disease, 1999

Also co-authored:
- Irrigation and Health, 1985
- Parasitic Diseases: Treatment and Control, 1989

Published about 50 scientific articles on public health and water

Series of technical monographs under Boston Harbor Publishers including:
- A realistic strategy for fighting malaria in Africa
- Improving the US Presidential Malaria Initiative for Africa


Engineering degrees at MIT in hydraulics and sanitary engineering; Doctorate at Harvard University in tropical public health, including field courses at the University of Michigan on aquatic ecology

1961: Field work in Puerto Rico with the United States Centers for Disease Control
1979: World Health Organization in Sudan for 5 years on the Blue Nile Health Project
The project applied an integrated strategy for control of malaria, Snail Fever and diarrheal diseases, among the 2 million people living in irrigation systems along the Blue Nile River in central Sudan.
1984: Creation of the global consulting practice Blue Nile Associates, working on health
impact assessment of large water and energy projects in the tropics for the World Bank and the US government.
2005: Helped start the US Presidential Malaria Initiative
2009: Report in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (full text: http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/87/11/08-052514/en/index.html)

Ongoing: Evaluation of water quality in rivers of New England and Colorado as Director of Colorado Valley Associates, and also started Boston Harbor Publishers: http://www.bostonharborpublishers.com/

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  • United States


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