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Clinical Profile and Treatment Outcomes of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis before DOTS Plus: Lessons for the Program

Oct. 26, 2013
This is a recent publication in Lung India and highlights amplified drug resistance, need to scale up DST for second line drugs and tailor treatment of drug resistant TB. The full text can be viewed at: http://www.lungindia.com/downloadpdf.asp?issn=0970-2113;year=2013;volume=30;issue=4;spage=316;epage=320;aulast=Dholakia;type=2 Dr. Yatin Dholakia

Case Discussion

Jan. 25, 2013
We have a young adult, non diabetic, HIV negative on Category 2 treatment since 3 months. His sputum culture is positive for M Tb complex, DST results to first line anti TB medicines shows resistance to all drugs except RMP. How does one manage this case in the context of ...
Clinical Assistance Program Management

Assessment of old homes, orphanages etc for TB transmission risk

Nov. 12, 2012
We are in the process of assessing TB transmission risk in congregate settings such as old age homes, orphanages, remand homes and other such facilities in the city of Mumbai, India. We are developing a checklist for assessment of these facilities for TB transmission risk. If any one has conducted ...

Reply to Clinical assistance: interpretation of new TB diagnostics

June 28, 2012
Dear Natalie The attached case report may be of help in investigating your case further. Many a times Drug Resistant TB mimics other opportunistic infections especially in cases with residual lung lesions such as bronchiectasis, fibro-cavitary lesions etc. Dr. Yatin Dholakia

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Integrating M&E for Health Systems Strengthening

March 24, 2012
Any meaningful evaluation of health systems functioning involves truthfulness and correctness in the data collation. Target oriented approach adopted by many program managers in implementing programs and performance assessments based on whether the same are achieved or not leads to manipulation of data at the field level and affects the ...

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