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Job Opening: Aspen Institute Management Partner

By Marie Teichman | 03 Sep, 2015

Our colleagues at the Aspen Institute are currently looking to hire new management partners for the community health system efforts in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Liberia. Here is a brief description of the opportunity. The full job description and requirements can be found as the attachment to this discussion thread:

In conjunction with the Ministries of Health in our focus countries, the Aspen Management Partnership for Health seeks dynamic, highly capable, and savvy individuals to join the departments managing the community health system efforts in each of these countries. These individuals will provide technical and managerial support leveraging their private sector management and strategy experience in the planning and Aspen Management Partnership for Health implementation of community health programs across the country, dramatically accelerating the country toward better health outcomes.

Throughout the duration of the placement in the Ministry of Health, the individual’s main tasks will include, but not be limited to the following:

● Work in close collaboration with key Directors and senior leaders at the Ministry of Health. This will provide invaluable access and insights into the workings of a Ministry of Health and healthcare systems.

● Together with the head of the department in charge of community health, attend cross-country periodic trainings and learnings, both locally and regionally, offered by Leadership for the Last Mile partners like Harvard University, USAID, the IBM Foundation, Merck, GSK, GE Healthcare, and others.

● Liaise with the Ministry of Finance in the country and the global financial community to scope for ways to finance community health system initiatives.

● Have access to a team of local and international mentors who will serve as advisors to the individual and his/her Ministry of Health counterpart. These mentors will vary from country to country but are expected to include former Ministers of Health, Director-Generals of health, leading academics, and recognized business leaders.

● Have a dedicated support team led by the Director of Leadership for the Last Mile, which is headquartered at the Aspen Institute in Washington DC, USA.

Together with the Partnership Lead, who is expected to be the head of the community health department, the individuals will report to the Senior Partnership Champion in the Ministry of Health who is expected to be a senior official in the ministry of health at the level of Director- General, Permanent Secretary, Minister or the equivalent. The Partnership Lead and the Management Partner will receive AMP for Health trainings and support together. It is expected that the Management Partner will actively support, foster, and facilitate the work of the entire community health department of the Ministry of Health.



Dr Shanta Ghatak Replied at 6:26 PM, 5 Sep 2015

I am doing this work in Liberia right now as laid out in the job description . How do I get to apply? It will be great opportunity and a win win situation. Been advising patients children mothers antenatal care etc 15 remote communities

Thank you

Marie Teichman Replied at 11:55 AM, 8 Sep 2015

Hi Shanta,

There is more information on the job specifics and how to apply in the document attached to my original posting!


This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.