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News: Africa's First Insulin Factory

By Pooja Yerramilli | 29 Jan, 2015

Julphar Pharmaceutical is expanding its existing factory to create an insulin factory with the aim to make Ethiopia the insulin hub of Africa.

Mukemil Abdella, country director of Julphar Pharmaceutical Industry did not specify the production capacity of the plant, only saying that the company aimed to make Ethiopia the insulin hub of Africa by reaching across the continent. The Ethiopian side of the company, Med-tech Ethiopia, is a privately owned pharmaceutical and medical supplies importer and distributer. It has a 45pc share in the company, with Julphar Ethiopia Pharmaceutical, holding the majority share.

You can open the following link to read about the JULPHAR FIRST INSULIN



Geneviève Bois Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:59 AM, 29 Jan 2015

That's wonderful news!

Selasie Aformaley Brown Replied at 11:19 AM, 29 Jan 2015

This is good news. Africa is getting somewhere now.

Selasie Brown
eHealth Specialist


You are the salt of the world...,a city set on a hill can not be hidden...

MELLANY MURGOR Replied at 3:05 PM, 29 Jan 2015

This is definitely good news.

Elizabeth Omondi Replied at 5:43 PM, 29 Jan 2015

A great example on fostering private sector engagement in local health
care. Foreign investment partnerships with local pharma/health co helps
scale up local capacities/skills training/creating local employment
opportunities in developing countries.

Hoping their products/services will be affordable for majority to access.


MIRIAMNE OUMA Replied at 1:31 AM, 30 Jan 2015

it is such innovations that ensure the millennium development goals are achieved in due time and even prior. Quality. and affordable health care is very necessary for any civilized nation.......the idea is a winner for me.

Bienvenu MUVUNYI Replied at 12:49 AM, 1 Feb 2015

Big up Ethiopia.

Bright Msukwa Replied at 3:25 AM, 1 Feb 2015

Great! Initiative.

Maximilian de Courten Replied at 4:22 AM, 1 Feb 2015

according to the article in the press, it is not 100% sure yet, but likely that production starts in 2017.
And here are the insulins the parent company is having in their offer…

Jing Luo Replied at 11:19 AM, 1 Feb 2015

This seems promising. Global competition for insulin is urgently needed. The key will be if the parent company can obtain drug registration through a stringent regulatory authority (fda, ema) or WHO prequalification.

And whether they can guarantee quality comparable to the big 3. And whether clinicians will prescribe Jusline vs the more familiar Lillly or Novo products. Lastly, they should try to manufacture glargine, which is more popular than isophane due to its once a day dosing.

And of course, the $800 million dollar question is this: what will be the price in for these potential products in least developed countries?



Israel BIMPE Replied at 5:54 AM, 4 Feb 2015

Great to hear.

Africa taking ownership of it's health.

kilani omer Replied at 7:57 AM, 4 Feb 2015

wonderful fantastic from the State of Isa real to the 3third world ........

Roderick Mera Replied at 11:09 PM, 5 Feb 2015

It does beg the question of how much each vial of insulin that is produced will cost ..

Hiba Fatima Replied at 7:53 PM, 12 Dec 2015

This is certainly good news for a number of reasons. Firstly, local production of insulin will make it more readily available to the people who live in Ethiopia at a lower cost. This will hopefully lead to better health outcomes regarding diabetes. Secondly, this will provide more employment to local and lead to economic growth and wealthier citizens. However, there should be collaboration between the public and private sectors to make this product easily available and not only those who are more affluent. Additionally, it will take time for this factory to get up and running, I am curious to know where the insulin is currently supplied from.

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.