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Rwandan MOH calls for New Target for NCD mortality reduction

By Sophie Beauvais | 16 Jul, 2013

Dear All,

Concluding the NCD Synergies inaugural meeting today in Kigali, Rwanda, Agnes Binagwaho, MD, Rwandan Minister of Health, has proposed an ambitious new target of 80% reduction of mortality rate due to chronic diseases for those under 40 years old by 2020.

In comparison, the World Health Organization asks for a 25% reduction in premature deaths from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 2025 (

To date, approaches to planning for, funding, and implementing integrated NCD services have predominantly been developed in resource rich environments and then disseminated to health planners and practitioners in low income countries. With this meeting, Rwanda and neighboring countries are taking the fight against NCDs in their own hands and call for others to join.

Next week, July 22-26, we will host a virtual expert panel with a group of participants and speakers to debrief and carry forward the momentum for this initiative. More details coming soon.

What do you think about this new target? Use the hastags #80x40x20 if you agree!

Thank you, Sophie

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enock rukundo Replied at 3:40 PM, 16 Jul 2013

Dear Sophie,

Great effort Sophie, and thank you so much for the quick update on the key
milestone from the Kigali NCD Synergies Inaugural Meeting. One simple
reminder for many that might get surprised with such ambitious goal.

Rwanda is among the few countries in the Sub Saharan Africa achieving most
and among others - health related Millennium Development Goals and targets
even before the said deadlines. Visionary top leadership, dire need and
high-level commitment to win, good governance, decentralized structures,
low levels of corruption, always setting ambitious goals, being held
accountable, community participation, sense of ownership from all levels,
top and bottom-up approaches, home grown solutions and not common to many
Africans home grown solutions and something (the indigenous talented
characters/personality), are few characteristics that one would use to best
defines a non-sense and proud current and visionary Rwandan leadership.

And thus, do not be surprised by the new Rwanda NCD targets –Surely Rwanda
will make it. and it is will not be only unique milestone the country has
done, they are so many already done and show-cased unique milestones for
the benefit of Rwandans themselves this country has registered in all
sectors but health sector in particular, as long as the Icon behind all the
successful stories since her re-birth -just 19 years after the Genocide,
where everything started from scratch (zero) is still the driver/pilot (*Rwanda
President Paul Kagame*).

He was tested enough and his unique experience and indigenous talented few
characters made many Rwandan now believe that they can to do - the
undoable, that’s why the Minister of Health is so confident to state an
ambitious dream in such an International conference, she believes in that
mindset and directions. The remaining task is simply; they will sit down
with their experts and lay down their unique home grown tactical and
strategic plans –NCD Solution Architecture which will definitely compliment
to what come-out in that meeting for quick implementation and opposed to
what many others would think as the undoable thing..

I am driven by that mindset and directions, a home grown vision and dire
need to win, and sooner than later.

In commitment too,

Geneviève Bois Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:15 PM, 16 Jul 2013

Dear Sophie,

Thanks for sharing!

I'm all for aiming higher and this is another exciting new goal, but although 80% sounds like a much bolder target aiming for "80% reduction of mortality rate due to chronic diseases for those under 40 years old by 2020" is a completely different game than "25% reduction by 2025 in the probability of dying from the four main NCDs for people aged 30—70 years". The mortality below 40 and between 30 and 70 is quite different and offers different opportunities for prevention, primary or secondary (although "those under 40 years old by 2020" implies the mortality in that cohort it's still only looking at mortality ad 40, not necessarily were the bulk of NCDs cause most of the mortality and morbidity).

A focus on health equity in NCD treatment and prevention and is key, but I am not sure focusing on below 40yo mortality is per se more equitable than in the broader age group of 30 to 70.

It'll be exciting to see how things develop, whatever target we aim for.


Sophie Beauvais Replied at 2:58 PM, 20 Jul 2013

Thank you Enock and Gen for sharing your thoughts. I'm sure panelists and meeting participants will be happy to respond and further expand on the idea for the new targets and the work being done.

I'd like to inform everyone here that the date for the NCD Synergies Network expert panel to expand discussion following the Kigali meeting ( had to be changed and will be confirmed shortly here and throughout GHDonline but we hope many in this group can make it.

Best, Sophie

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.